First, there was the Epoch. The Epoch existed long before the First, and The Epoch will exist long after Creation has once again receded into the Chaos. The Epoch is that from which time is crafted. In this way, each being, from the Primes to the lowest creatures, are crafters of The Epoch. We are made of that which we make, and this cycle staves off the Chaos. However, the eternal cycle has been damaged…

    Before the time of the Great Disaster, the First emerged from the Epoch. In those times, the First was the sole crafter of the Epoch. However, the First became lonely and saw it fit to create new ones like him. Thus, the first nine Gods were born. However, the Gods were formed just as we, and began their lives with the minds of children. The First watched as his children learned to use their powers, a proud father to his new offspring. Just as mortal children explore the world through play, so did the young Gods discover their powers. From the games of children, the material plane emerged from the Chaos.

    With the material plane formed, the Gods moved on to more and more complex utilizations of their vast potentials. The First observed with a proud eye as each of his children cultivated different interests and proficiencies. His daughter, Analee, rejoiced in the birth of new creatures, while his son, who we now know as Jack, would prepare them for their eventual death. Arkhanis would study one aspect of his siblings creations for centuries, while Canulus quickly grew bored with study and preferred the thrill of competition. His youngest, the twins Bel and Xevios created the seasons and the balanced them against each other, Xevios preferring the excitement of the warm months and Bel the peace of the colder. Each of his children were finding their place in this new world.

    However, among all of his children, his most favored was his eldest son. When any of his children quarreled, the Eldest would settle the dispute. When Xelus would play a trick on the sleeping Somnus, the Eldest would chastise him and comfort his upset sister. It was the Eldest who held the young Gods together long enough for them to grow old enough to create a child of their own.

    It was Arkhanis’ concept. In observing his siblings, he came to the conclusion that they could create something greater by combining their specialties into one grand creation. Together with Analee, he formulated a process which would give the new creature an aspect of each of his siblings. The siblings gathered in the material plane and engaged in the greatest ritual ever known.

    Exhausted, the siblings had completed their task. They were now looking upon the First Man; the one we would later call Caynn Juddica. The siblings rejoiced at the sight of their first child. Each took the time to teach Caynn all there was to know in those days. He showed great potential, possibly as great as they themselves. He was indeed an incredible creation. However, the gods’ success would be their undoing.

    As time progressed, the gods found other projects to occupy their time. One by one they left the material plane, leaving Caynn alone…


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